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Ready to release what’s holding you back?

We are all on a sacred individualized journey in life. I’m here to help shorten the learning & healing curve & help you overcome roadblocks to living a conscious, wholehearted, authentic life.

Like many “helpers” my early years were not ideal. I didn’t want to repeat the unhealthy patterns of my family; I wanted to be different or better. Many of my attempts were succesful & many were painfully off course. That’s why I’ve dedicated the past 20+ years of my life to understanding how to break these cycles & evolve into a healthier individual.

Hello, I'm Renee. 

Believe me when I say I hear you. I see you. I understand you.

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Therapist, Coach, Educator, Survivor.

We can blend eastern & western medicine as well as combine many common, (or uncommon) teachings & modalities to "fit" your particular situation. I can offer you structures & processes designed to meet you where you are now & as you evolve.

I'm not a "One Size Fits All" kind of coach. What worked for someone else, may not work for you. 

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I believe in Integrative & Wholistic Health approaches

sessions are $200/hr

I initially consulted with a couple of providers and sought help from Renee after realizing how much more at ease and more myself I felt in her presence.

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Renee for about 5 years in person, and then talking with her by phone for another 8 years. I initially consulted with a couple of providers and sought help from Renee after realizing how much more at ease and more myself I felt in her presence. I’d had an amazing provider prior to Renee, so I was looking for that same level of insight and caring.

Renee is profoundly kind and compassionate, a perceptive listener, wise on many levels, a great encourager–and her sense of humor is the cherry on top. She helped me to see what I had been missing, be more accepting, manage my fears, think more clearly, and behave as a better human being. I could not recommend her more highly, and I look forward to continuing my relationship with Renee as needed over the years to come. “


- Client


 Work Together


we can

This is for you if you have experienced abandonment, betrayal, shock, abuse, or neglect. It may feel like IT just keeps happening to you & attempts to “fix” IT make things worse. Your wounds & needs feel unmet & you likely feel powerless or helpless.

Identifying the “problem” helps but doesn’t bring transformation. Move from traumatization & surviving to thriving & evolving. Your pain, once transformed, will serve as potent codes of wisdom. Your healing is the ultimate justice.

01 / Trauma & Individual Recovery Coaching


This is for you if the people in your world want to join you on a path of growth & healing. This is a super wise choice because when one part of a system changes there is an inevitable impact on the system as a whole. It’s best to embrace growth together. 

The reality is everyone is usually at different levels of development, insight, awareness, & skills.

Let’s get everyone on the same page, using the same language, & agreeing on a shared goal/vision. More conscious relationships increase connection & decrease conflict.

02 / Family, Relationships, & Community Coaching

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This is for you if you are challenged in your role as a leader, want to increase your self leadership, or see a need to level up your organization’s work culture.

You know that business that doesn’t allow for humanity is NOT the way. Moving from fear based, power over, hierarchical structures to healthy, trauma-informed, synergistic approaches optimize outcomes. 

03 / Business & Leadership Coaching

level up your leadership




2024 - The RESET
Collective, Pathways, & PORTALS

You want flexibility. Coaches are not limited by state licensure; I can be anywhere in the world when we “meet” & so can you.

You don’t need or want the medical model of mental health (for medical/clinical diagnosis or insurance billing).

You prefer “out of the box” support that includes 1:1 service or a combination of community support & education.

You know what you want & that I’m the person to help you.


Which is right for you?

Choose Coaching if...



You are able to be physically located in 1 of the 2 states I'm licensed (Arkansas & Missouri) at the time of each session.

You are able & willing to pay at time of service via credit card (cash or check if in person). I do NOT bill insurance.  

You are stable, functional, not in crisis (not in danger of harming yourself or others) & want to improve your mental health. My practice is outpatient only.  

Are not interested in obtaining testimony for legal proceedings. I am not available for clients that want their therapy work to be accessible for the legal system.

Choose Therapy if...

You are welcome to pursue coverage on your end. Although many clients would rather avoid a mental health diagnosis on record (which is required for insurance reimbursement) I can provide a “Superbill” for you to independently submit if you qualify for out of network reimbursement. I recommend contacting your insurance to inquire about benefit coverage if that is a requirement for finding a licensed provider.

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Whether you choose coaching or therapy, the time & money spent is an investment in you! It will help those around you now & in the future.  

Still not sure what route you need? Don’t worry we can figure it out together.