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From Traumatization & Surviving to ThrivingEvolving

I specialize in many types of RECOVERY challenges (CPTSD, NPD, Addiction, Trauma Bonds, Divorce, ND, HSP). Regardless of your story, we are all on a healing journey of Awakening, Releasing, Recovery, Reclaiming, & Evolution.  

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Trauma & Individual Recovery Coaching

My specialty in NPD & CPTSD was forged by the pain of attachment wounds, betrayal/shock trauma, coercive control tactics, dark lineage energy, symptoms of long term abuse/neglect & secondary adult traumas.

This is why I've invested significantly in extensive training & experiences to identify the roadmap from awakening/awareness through the messy middle of recovery to the portals & pathways of reclamation. You have all that you need to grow & heal but you may need scaffolding & support for your recovery. 

Hello, I'm Renee. 

My timeline of healing was long, yours doesn't need to be.

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NPD & CPTSD Specialist

Living through the lens of Survival (please, perform, produce, perfect) & it’s no longer working

You’re not sure what you like, what you want, or don’t know what to do

Feeling lost, invisible & burdened

You’re often "'in your head" not connected to feelings, body, or sensations

Unmet needs, unhealed wounds, thwarted dreams, & loads of fear or anxiety 

What you may be experiencing...

Didn’t get the movement you wanted & needed

Had to take a break 

Wanted a fresh perspective & are ready to restart 

Feel like you “did work already” but aren’t reaping the rewards

You still feel inner conflict, confusion, complexity, overwhelm, pressure

Feel stuck no matter how you try to “figure IT out” or “fix IT”

Maybe you tried traditional talk therapy but...

Recovery, integration, & embodiment

Restore wholeness to your mind, body, heart, & spirit

Unwind conditioning & distortions 

Move away from fear based decisions to aligned action rooted in your truth

Discover your personal gifts & the gifts of your lineage

Parts work with burdened “protective parts” & wounded hurt parts

Connecting to your seat of self leadership

Reconnect with self, others, & the world in a way that honors your truth, essence, & expertise

Craft your own practices, rituals, & resources - your own brand of medicine

A bridge out of survival mode towards thriving - you do the work & I guide & scaffold

Break the cycle & leave a legacy of wellbeing 

What you can expect...

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Own your survivor story. Don’t stay stuck in the victim story. Move to post-traumatic growth.

We’ve moved from an era of “not knowing” to “labeling” & it’s time for a different knowing – tapping into wisdom that takes us out of the victim story to posttraumatic growth. 

Opening your heart, tending to your body, & connecting with your spirit can be hard. I'm here to give you permission to explore the unknown. Having guided support can help with the overwhelm. 

While talking & telling your story can be helpful if you've been silenced, talking alone isn't enough for recovery. Your vital life force energy wants to move. You have parts of you that want to live, play & create. 

Trauma sends us to our head. Shutting off our connection to our heart, body & spirit. This is your invitation to reconnect with lost parts of yourself that want to be heard, felt, seen & witnessed.

you've waited long enough; it's your turn now. 

Frameworks & Methodologies


Connecting to the body, emotional states, unconscious wounds & wise knowing allows healing & wisdom to unfold naturally.

Psychedlic Prep & Integration

A bridge to healing & reconnection. I can help with setting intentions & integration. I’m a Certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapist.


Bilateral stimulation via eye movement, tappers, or self tapping helps to reprocess traumatic memories that are “stuck”.

Nervous System Regulation

Each human has a nervous system. Understanding your survival responses (4Fs) & expanding your capacity/window of stress tolerance is key to recovery work. 

I believe in an Integrative & Wholistic approach to healing. I draw from several methodologies & frameworks. We can blend eastern practices & western medicine to find the combination that works for you. 


A way of connecting inside with parts of you that hurt or struggle. Unburdening these parts facilitates more space for recovery.


Feeling connected to something bigger is part of spirituality & recovery. You get to choose your “medicine” - whether this is through the avenue of human design, gene keys, elemental medicine, lineage healing, or psychedelics.


Multidimensional, complex, layered trauma requires potent, multidimensional portals of healing.  

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

A professional that has personal experience saves you energy explaining or wondering if they “get” you. I have both.

Attachment Theory

Healing is an inner attachment repair process that carries over into our interpersonal relationships.  


The body keeps the score. It also provides a pathway to healing & restoration in a “bottom up” way. Taking care of the physical body is often part of the recovery process. Inflammation, autoimmune, hormone disruption, & burnout symptoms are very common.

I often find individuals who are neurocomplex/neurodiverse to be highly intelligent, gifted, or creative people. They excel in so many areas, but perhaps notice an underdevelopment in others. They may feel different from others & struggle with meeting the demands of what is “normal”.

Sometimes you just need someone to give you permission to stop masking to fit in & forge your own path. Compassion versus criticism is often much needed.  

Recognizing the differences versus diagnosing deficits.

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Neurocomplex (NC) or Neurodiverse (ND

Highly Sensitive People are sometimes grouped with neurodiversity. They tend to pick up on other people’s energy, vibes, & nonverbals immediately. They also feel much deeper & more intensely than others. This leaves them overwhelmed & tired. They worry they’re not good enough, too much, or that they may be judged as “not normal”.

Let’s reframe HSP as a superpower. Drop the shame about being different. Manage your energy so you’re not running on fumes. Lean into the gift.

if this is you, let's chat

I’ve lived it & studied it.

Highly Sensitive People (HSP) 

I love seeing the light of recognition in someone's eyes, posture, tone of voice, & witnessing the "aha" - a breakthrough that's evaded them until now. 

 I love walking alongside people’s journey – witnessing & supporting them through each chapter of their journey – seeing the fruits of their labor harvested, both of us appreciating the time, money, & energy they invested to get themselves to the next level. For people that have experienced trauma, that is justice & redemption – a reclamation, reparation, renewal.


- Renee


This is an invitation to reconnect with the lost parts of yourself. 

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