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Family, Relationships & Community Coaching

Healing is a ripple effect. When one person heals, others see possibility for another way.

Families, communities, & systems can then see evidence of possibilities - a way of living, loving, & leading grounded in personal power over fear & survival-based transactions.

Aging unwell parents needing you to show up 

A Gen X or Boomer parent that can’t show up emotionally for you

Stressful family or partner dynamics

Adult children that aren’t developing normally, disconnected, is "different" or presents a challenging parenting dilemma that is forcing you to dig deep & put on your oxygen mask

What you may be experiencing...

Differences in socioeconomic status, resources, lifestyle, personality, & coping behaviors

History of an abusive or toxic family or a relationship “trauma bond”

Post Divorce recovery/family repair + dating

In a relationship where you are living through the lens of survival (please, perform, produce, perfect) & want a more authentic connection

Know yourself & others through the lens of needs, wounds, fears, & dreams

Grow your regulatory capacity via energetic stewardship

Clean up communication, uplevel conflict resolution skills, & repair ruptures with refinement

Embodied boundaries & personal power reinstated

A better balance of giving/receiving

Support as you disrupt painful patterns, unwind distortions, & lean into your role as a cycle breaker

Leaving a legacy of well-being = “generational health”

Removing shame, blame, judgment, or comparison

Exploring blocks to love & reinstating authentic connection

What you can expect...

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Relationships are complex & challenging & especially so in a trauamatic ecosystem. 

It’s normal for each person in a family unit to shift as they move through the lifespan. Yet extraordinary circumstances make it more difficult to navigate. You may be answering the call of the cycle breaker.

“IT stops with me. I am the one.”. Your legacy is generational healing. You are a Heart Warrior.

Invisible or unacknowledged wounds lead to anger, resentment, bitterness, & grief making repair & connection difficult. Family healing starts with you. You are the one you have been waiting for. It doesn’t seem fair or just, I know. But one person finding their personal power allows space for possibility. The pain in your family carries potent codes of wisdom if you can lean into it. You will get your heart back. Then you can navigate your relationships in a way that allows change to unfold.  

Shame leading to addiction & narcissistic behavior left a legacy of hurt. I know the difficulty & reward of becoming the cycle breaker. 

Renee’s commitment to ongoing personal & professional development is extraordinary & her expertise is a tremendous resource. We learn something new very time we meet. Understanding the long-term challenges to the family ecosystem & what is required for healing at an individual & collective level from narcissistic abuse has been foundational.


- Client, DK


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If you’d like to secure multiple sessions to be available to one or more family members. As you collectively move through a training ground, it helps to have scaffolding, support, education, & a plan. Secure a coaching package to dial down the drama & allow space for personal responsibility. Let's talk about the best mix of meetings & programming to meet your family where they are at.