Current regulations dictate that I cannot ethically be a person’s coach AND therapist. Pick the option that makes sense for you now & the near future.  

Choose therapy if you want to pursue “out-of-network” insurance reimbursement or desire a mental health diagnosis on record.  Head's Up: Reset With Renee doesn’t contract with insurance for payment.  Possible reimbursement is determined by your insurance plan.  Please contact them for details.

Choose coaching if you don’t require therapy or you don’t live in the states where Renee is licensed. Coaching helps people like you connect with people all over the world, like me, who truly are a “match” for what you are looking for.  

Many people choose coaching as they feel more freedom & less stigma in “working with a coach”. Either way our work is confidential. The fee is the same for a 45-50 minute appointment.

  • I offer 45-50 minute appointments for individuals and the fee is $200.
  • Longer appointments at a prorated fee & are available after an initial consult.

  • Women who are unhappy or stressed with their roles, relationships or work
  • Women who work or lead in male-dominated fields or work environments
  • Men who are lost in life; or frustrated about their relationships with women. They appreciate that I can be their “woman whisperer”
  • High achievers who tend to get stuck in their head & are often perfectionist, overwhelmed, or burned out
  • People in couples therapy, considering divorce, or dealing with relationship ambivalence
  • People moving through the divorce process & post-divorce challenges
  • People who have a history of addiction and/or abuse in the home, personal relationships, or work environment
  • Groups/organizations that want to invest in creating a healthy work culture & leadership from the “top down” & “bottom up”

  • We all need to receive nourishment, reinforcement, information, & support … & especially so for difficult chapters or journeys in life. What you learn in our work together will apply to ALL aspects of your life & world.  My clients really look forward to "their" time with me.  It fills them up & they appreciate the investment. 
  • Unwind conditioning, reclaim your sense of self, & take empowered, aligned action.
  • Move from overwhelm & powerlessness to pure personal power.
  • Identify next steps in the training ground that is your LIFE.
  • Receive encouragement, validation, information/resources, support, & attuned “nudges”. It takes courage, compassion, & conviction to make big changes & drafting these frequencies until you embody them is part of the learning process! 
  • Know you have a long-term support person to turn to… I love when clients know they can return to work with me when life levels up & they reach out with updates about their life & success!

Individual Appointments (Coaching, Therapy, Business Consulting)
45- 50 minute session = $200
90 minute session = 300
120 minute session = 400

Family Coaching Package - $1000/month
Reserved meeting time + relevant Reset With Renee classes for development of life & relationship skills.
I recommend planning on 4 meetings @ 2 hours each a month to start. Family members can then “mix & match” who attends during that time & for how long, depending upon the needs at the moment. This provides structure, support, & flexibility & aids application of learning toward the family vision.

Business & Leadership Coaching Package
Most leaders begin working with me 1:1. Many of their organizations reimburse their coaching fees (HINT: ask about this option).

However, organizations that want to transform their culture will need to schedule an appointment to clarify goals, obstacles, & timeline. Alignment is key. I will assess the readiness of the group to proceed & recommend any needed steps before moving towards the desired vision. 

Other Pricing Considerations
Hourly rates apply to personalized retreats, “intensives”, training/presentations, or group consultation + any incidentals that may be necessary to accommodate your objectives for our time together (my travel, lodging, meals, space rentals) as well as my planning & preparation time.  

I do not. You pay me directly, however for some therapy clients you may qualify for “Out of Network reimbursement”.  

Contact your insurance representative to see if this is an option for you & to learn how it works. I am happy to provide a monthly email “Superbill” for you to submit to your insurance company. A mental health diagnosis will be required to meet “medical necessity” & to qualify for reimbursement. 

You may be able to use a health savings account card, if applicable with your employer’s plan. 

There is a lot of overlap between Therapy & Coaching. To make an informed consider the differences & similarities of therapy vs.coaching.

A therapist has all the skill sets that a coach has + extensive education + access to ongoing training & certifications for which a license is required to participate. 

Therapists are required to have a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree, pass a licensing exam, AND work 2 years under a supervisor’s license before applying for their license to practice independently. I’ve spent the majority of my career wearing the therapy “hat”.

Therapy licensing regulations vary state by state & aim to protect the public from unethical practices. State licensing boards also dictate what providers can & can’t do in their work with clients.

You qualify for therapy with Renee if you are physically located in Arkansas or Missouri at the time of each appointment (as required by the license board of these states). And, you are not in crisis, not at risk of harming yourself or others, & are in alignment with “outpatient” services versus inpatient care.

One thing that COVID emphasized is that the need for access to services is great & our current mental health system is not in alignment ENOUGH with the needs of public health. Many of my clients are frustrated with the medical model of health care & are seeking a provider that is more aligned with their needs.

Many coaches have completed a coaching certification (but not all). Coaching certifications vary & do not compare to the length of time invested in education that therapists have obtained.

Many therapists now offer coaching as non-therapist coaches are working with people & needs that we already serve. When therapists add coaching to our services we can expand our reach & be available to people across the world. It’s a Win-Win for you, for me, & for the collective. 

Because you are ready now & you have found someone who gets you like others haven’t. You expect some level of discomfort with a growth process & this time you won’t back away. You know you can’t or nothing will improve.

This work is real, relational, raw, & requires honesty, openness, willingness, accountability, responsibility, & consistency from you. Are you ready enough?
You have chosen to work with someone who can hold space, guide, & address inner & outer conflict with your safety in mind. You are ready to co-create & collaborate your healing & growth journey with a trusted guide. 

There is no power struggle here. I’ve done my work & own my story & will continue to take care of me so that I can be fully present for you & yours. 

I’m not here to “fix” you; I’m here to guide you on your own sacred journey. I’m here to bridge the gap between where you are now & where you want to be - whether it is individual, family, group, or organization level work.  

I personally get how “hard” cycle breaking is & I know the gift that cycle breaking brings to the collective. I can hold that knowing until you believe it in your bones.

With an education in Social Work, I know that change needs to occur at the individual, group, AND collective level for best results & outcomes. I know that the “person in the environment” matters A LOT & that the ecosystem will eventually need to be addressed for forward movement.  

I believe that mental & emotional wellness is a lifelong journey of growth & development.  Healing is never done - unless you quit!  But for most people on a conscious healing journey there is a point where the "work" moves from healing to evolving.  

I wish I could give you a straight answer, but all I can say is,“ it depends” on many variables - your time, energy, support, readiness, & willingness. 

That being said, getting on the other side of CPTSD can be achieved if you make it a high-priority task for 1-2 years. For most, this means slowing down & claiming time, energy, & space to unwind conditioning, reclaim your self, acquire missed developmental learning, resolve relationships that are transactional, clean up unfinished business, & then turn towards your ecosystem to see what is possible for your family or collective. A combination of individual coaching & community connection is recommended.

You can work your coach or therapist into a self-care program. At completion of our work together, It’s good to follow up with 3- 6 month check-ins as we’re always evolving. I want to be one of the people you turn to in each stage of your life. Returning clients make my heart happy & I welcome you to reach out to RESET.

I initially consulted with a couple of providers and sought help from Renee after realizing how much more at ease and more myself I felt in her presence.

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Renee for about 5 years in person, and then talking with her by phone for another 8 years. I initially consulted with a couple of providers and sought help from Renee after realizing how much more at ease and more myself I felt in her presence. I’d had an amazing provider prior to Renee, so I was looking for that same level of insight and caring.

Renee is profoundly kind and compassionate, a perceptive listener, wise on many levels, a great encourager–and her sense of humor is the cherry on top. She helped me to see what I had been missing, be more accepting, manage my fears, think more clearly, and behave as a better human being. I could not recommend her more highly, and I look forward to continuing my relationship with Renee as needed over the years to come. “


- Client