Everyone is welcome here to learn how to live, lead, & love with a whole heart! We sometimes need to unlearn what we've been taught & identify new ways of meeting needs for ourselves & in our relationships with others. 

We discuss all things “relationship”. I invite you to listen to learn how to live, love, & lead with a whole heart. We all deserve to be whole, healthy, joyful, purposeful & connected. 

Recovery, Relationships, Health, and Leadership

When you are ready to learn & grow you will want to work with someone that knows themself, owns their story, is authentic, & can guide your journey – a person that gets the challenge, knows the obstacles, knows when to nudge, & when to allow pacing.

November 2023

What My Clients Seek

This is so common. People change over time & when one partner "awakens" to a healing journey, it prompts the other partner to stay with the status quo, "I am the way that I am" OR lean into an assessment of the relationship & their life... satisfaction.

September 2023

Listener Question: My Partner is Healing and I Am Unsure About Our Marriage

IFS “this is what I’ve been searching for” full body chills – I want this! 
Talk therapy wasn’t enough. CPTSD is a different beast to treat. Common parts in CPTSD: overthinking/analyzing/looping, pleasing, perfectionism/critics/guilt/fear.

July 2023

My Divorce Story through the lens of IFS & CPTSD

Power is useful, a resource; & can be used for good or to cause hurt or harm. This episode applies to all relationships in your life. The goal is to be in right relationship with others, each person in their personal power.

May 2023

Pure Power in Equal Relationships

For communication to go well: . Capacity - Each person needs to have the time, space, energy, & privacy needed to be present, attuned, engaged, regulated,
& able to self soothe. 2. Having clarity of intention – is this about increasing intima...

March 2023

Communication Skills

INTIMACY = “Into ME” “I see”. For intimacy you would need the following ingredients, steps, or skills: 1. Self-awareness: what’s happening inside/outside. 2. Self-reflection: what’s working/not working. 3. Self-regulation: 4. Self-expression...

March 2023

Blocks to Intimacy

FEAR: False Evidence (Emotions) Appearing Real. Fear creates discomfort, conflict or conflict avoidance, “anxiety”/non-neutral energy & power struggles -consciously or unconsciously. In this episode we talk about all things Fear Related.

February 2023


Are wishes, hopes, & aspirations you have for your life, are a part of your identity, & give purpose & meaning to your life. Dreams like values & rituals, help anchor & reinforce our connections.

February 2023

Dreams for Self & Others

What does it mean to 'RESET"? The end of the year is great time to reflect on what to: keep, loosen, relax, or let go. Add to or expand. Set as intentions for the upcoming year. If this pattern of disconnection becomes habituated people learn... NOT TO TRUST

January 2023

Episode 11: What does a RESET mean? 2022 Reflections on Coping versus Healing

Renee with @ResetWithRenee discusses her KAP (Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy) experience in Boulder at IPI in December 2022 & shares an overview of the year-long IPI training she is completing.
If this pattern of disconnection becomes habituated people learn: NOT TO TRUST

January 2023

Episode 10: Renee's Ketamine Experiential & IPI Training

BIDS: TOWARDS, AWAY, AGAINST or if not responded to a person will PROTEST.
If bids or protest are NOT met: RUPTURE. Repair is needed.
Without repair, people LEARN TO DISCONNECT.
If this pattern of disconnection becomes habituated people learn: NOT TO TRUST

December 2022

Episode 9: Connection & disconnection AND Attachment & Relationships

Listen to learn how different generations approach mental health. You will learn that connection is the medicine for many physical & mental health challenges.Knowing how do connect from a place of regulation, not reactivity, is key.

November  2022

Episode 8: Holidays, Family Dynamics, Generational Differences, Health

Issues of power & control are threaded throughout the fabric of our relationships & systems. Increasing awareness of the coercive control dynamic is a first step in individual, relational, & collective growth. Safe homes, families, communities, & systems depend upon this collective understanding.

November  2022

Episode 7: Conversation with Jennifer C. Parker, Author of "Coercive Relationships: Find the Answers You Seek"

In this episode, Renee speaks with Jason Mark Glasson about how he has learned to live from his heart & how he brings his learning & experience to helping others. Currently, Jason works with men who feel connection to their soul, know they are meant for more, yet find... themselves not living a life they truly love.

November  2022

Episode 6: Living Life from Love - A Converesation with Jason Mark Glasson

Right Relationship: Do not under or overuse power. Use your voice grounded in your truth with kindness & clarity. Wit.

October 2022

Episode 5: Weekly Reflection on Relationship Skills

Conflict is inevitable in relationships but many people don’t know how to handle it. Listen to learn how your nervous system, attachment style, & personality can block repair attempts. Becoming self led is an important relationship skill!

September 2022

Episode 4: Rupture & Repair in Relationships

Are you led by fear or love? Listen for an opportunity to increase your connection & grow your emotional intelligence.

August 2022

Episode 3: Avoid or ACE

The Rise of Lonely, Single Men
Dating apps and a drastically changing relationship landscape.

August 2022

Episode 2: Relationship Skills (for lonely men?!)

About your host & the intention of this podcast….CPTSD, narcissistic abuse recovery. How to live, lead, & love with a whole heart….

July 2022

Episode 1: Welcome!