If you are the adult child of divorce, ambivalent about your relationship, contemplating divorce, getting divorced, or post-divorce, I hope aspects of my story & journey validate your experience, expand your perspective, & provide encouragement.

About me:  I’m a middle-aged, divorced woman, mother, therapist, coach & former professor.

I’m also the adult child of a high conflict divorce. Specifically, I’m the oldest daughter & former “family hero.” 

My parents tried to do things differently & they did. Yet, addiction, abuse & neglect persisted.

Unfortunately, these all-too-common issues are generational, meaning burdens & wounds are consciously & unconsciously transmitted. With enough internal & external safety & support, legacy burdens can be transmuted & transformed. It takes true warriors, superheroes, & cycle breakers to face “IT” & recover. Inner & outer backlash is common & support is essential.

My own separation & divorce process began five years ago. I started living on my own August 1, 2017, & our divorce was final on my birthday, May of 2018.

The ups & downs of the process have been exciting, challenging, heart breaking, & liberating. It’s been a “coming home” & is also a continuing journey.

Divorce is a death & a loss, even when desired or necessary.  For both divorces (my parents & mine), the legal divorce was inconsequential compared to the journey to get there, through it, around it, & over it. The process continues.

I invite you to contact me for support via coaching or therapy and to follow & share on social media.  Together we can RESET!

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