Sometimes “traditional therapy” doesn’t get you where you want to go. 

Many healers & seekers know there is more to healing than the “medical model of mental health care” … there are religious, spiritual, mystical, & ancestral traditions that are a lovely antidote for those that seek deeper meaning & healing. I share here about my experience of a natal chart reading guided by evolutionary astrology.


  • Astrology is a symbolic language that helps us connect with the deeper meaning underlying the events and experiences in our lives.
  • Our lives are intrinsically meaningful; we all have a unique and specific purpose that is mapped out by the position of the planets at the moment of our birth.


The goal is to translate the astrological symbols in your natal chart into practical language that helps you understand yourself and your purpose more clearly.

When we live in alignment with the energetic patterns present at the moment we were born, we feel more comfortable and confident in our own skin.

Understanding ourselves and how we fit into the larger order of the cosmos is healing and positively contributes to emotional wellbeing and resiliency.


The wording above came from a colleague’s website. 

Maggie is amazing & I have included her contact information below.

We connected on Facebook as we have a similar vibe when it comes to our niche, clientele, & therapeutic approaches.  I thoroughly enjoy our chats & I quickly discovered that I could discuss the “woo” that was of interest to me with Maggie as I explored topics of spirituality, consciousness, & belonging for myself & for my clients. 

I asked to have a formal chart reading which was very helpful, validating, empowering, & supportive. Although I had read “You Were Born For This” by Chani Nicholas, & felt somewhat familiar with astrology terms, I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the magnitude of Maggie’s wisdom & passion.


Maggie records the meeting & sends it to you via DropBox along with a written summary of the highlights of your chart reading. 

I enjoyed discovering “me” & I always recommend that you #discoveryou!


  • Care deeply but have boundaries like a motherfucker.
  • I am here to take in a treasure trove of information & develop my own values-based framework to share with others.
  • I’m here to shake shit up with my knowing.  Not everyone is “here” for my message, but I need to share it & let it reach those it can help.
  • I can trust my knowing; it comes suddenly & from seemingly nowhere – flashes of inspiration & insight.
  • The period of caretaking, codependency, self-abandoning, or hiding needs is over. I deserve a partner that is a spiritual, intellectual, & an emotional equal.   
  • I am here to teach & heal.
  • Pursuing a larger & deeper understanding of greater consciousness & spirituality feeds my soul.  (This is one reason why I am in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Training.)
  • Intentional affiliations with those that are on the same wavelength as me is key.
  • My purpose is to see clearly without bias, certainty, or dogma.  Just say no to group think! Seeking out cognitive dissonance, finding “holes”, & questioning status quo is part of who I am & what I am here to do.
  • Curiosity, open-mindedness, conversation, & a willingness to listen are central to what I am about.
  • Permission to explore & welcome opportunities, embrace my curiosity & wonder is part of staying open to mystery.
  • I am able & willing to talk about stuff that makes others uncomfortable.
  • I am here to feel, nurture, & heal.  I sense hurt quickly & tend to it in myself & others offering comfort.
  • I need a safe & secure home, quiet time alone. Self-care & family are my top priority.
  • Setting intentions is a magical act. 
  • Deepening creativity is part of my evolution.
  • Presenting a positive, playful, creative & generous face to the world. (This is why strangers tell me their life story & why I sometimes need RBF to catch a break…or possibly…I just can’t see you because my vision SUCKS!)
  • Don’t squander my time/energy with those that distract me from my path.
  • I need to share pieces of my inner world with the outer world.  Finding a place to shine & be appreciated is needed to feel aligned & grounded.
  • Creative self-expression is a way of giving people a window to the whole of me beyond the strong, dignified external presentation.
  • Trust my own rhythm; be real, raw, passionate & connected.  Claim freedom over outside influences.  Lean into my natural desires whether they are approved of or not.
  • Continue to develop capacity for courage & facing fears.


Therapists are trained in “evidence-based therapy” …& while that is important, I personally know & can speak for others too, that traditional methods are not always sufficient. 

As a #cptsdsurvivor learning to reclaim my truth, live from my power core, recognize my gifts, & move from surviving & coping to thriving I can share with you that it has happened because of my unrelenting seeking & openness to practices that are not mainstream but needed. 

Many #cptsd survivors struggle with wounds around abandonment & belonging.  Connecting to something larger can really help bridge the gap in your healing process.

Living #wholeheartedly, connected to your mind, body, heart, spirit, soul, & source is #howtohuman & #howtoheal. 

To Discover more about YOU, Find Maggie @

Maggie Jones Boyle, LPC (she/her)
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And as always, reach out to @RESETWITHRENEE!

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