Heart-Felt Wishes for Women this Mother’s Day


What do I wish for you, my dear clients, friends, mentors, & others that hold space in my heart?

To step away from the SHOULDS that you learned & connect with the innate wisdom of your divine essence.

To receive love fully from others, I hope, but most importantly, from yourself. 

All of us have little or big wounds that yearn for our care, recognition, nurturing, healing, & parenting, often mothering, in just the way you wish it was or could be.

To give love.  Whether you are a mother, have tried to become a mother, or you are a mother but feel disconnected from your children, have lost children, or have distanced from your mother out of necessity … your love is not wasted.  Send it & share it to the people, places, pets, & causes you care about.  Love is eternal & a resource even when our loved ones aren’t near, available, or well.


Thank you for all the ways you have loved me as well as for all the times that you persisted unnoticed. I thank you for the courage you showed in standing up to generational trauma.  I know now how challenging & painful that was.  I send love, respect, honor, & wishes for peace to you, Mimi, Carrie Mays, & all those that came before that I didn’t know or meet.  I thank each of you for the gifts passed to me.  And I release the legacies that no longer serve me or our descendants.  I too stand in the gap & say, “IT stops with me”.


To my son, nothing other than being your mom, has given me the most expansive heart opening feeling, ever.  I hope you feel my love for you in your bones even when my energy, spirit, & resources are depleted.  I regret & ask forgiveness for all the ways I haven’t met you fully then, now, or in the future or have failed to bridge the gap. 


To those I love & care for & about, I ask for room for my humanity & imperfection. My purpose is to keep learning, healing, & evolving, bringing the best version of me to you & to leave a better legacy for those that come after us.  Let’s keep resetting together.

I see the new mothers, the new wives, the new leaders, my nieces, my son’s future partner & I want so much more for each & every one of you.     

To the collective, I want to say that how we treat women in our culture is akin to how we treat the earth, The Great Mother.  We can do better. The divine feminine is a resource of natural wisdom that gives & gives.  She does, however, need to be resourced, replenished, & revered for optimal conditions for all. 

We need the strong & soft energy of the divine feminine now more than ever.

There was a time when women were the leaders.  HER ferocious courage & ancient wisdom has been silenced for not only decades, but centuries. 

To all the mothers, nurturers, protectors, warriors, mentors, healers…I see you, I cherish you, & I send you all my love not only this one day reserved to honor mothers, but every day.

I invite you to join me – release, reclaim, reparent, replenish, & radiate with honor, the divine feminine in all the ways she mothers us all.


I’m sharing some resources/gifts of inspiration below.  I have so many more ideas & references, but they are not yet curated to share.  In the meantime, I invite you to share any resources that light you up as well!



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