I recently completed a 12-day Winter Solstice Reflection exercise.  It was challenging to take time to complete during the Christmas holiday, but it was lovely gift for me as it allowed time to reflect on my learning from the past year & provided space to ponder intentions for the upcoming New Year. 

I can share with you the words that carry the most resonance for me from my reflection exercise:

  • Connection
  • Empowerment, energy, personal power
  • Tender & strong
  • Release, relax, recover, restore, rest, receive
  • Nurture
  • Faith, courage
  • Unleash, allow, unfold
  • Noble, sovereign, refined, grace, regal, beauty, generous
  • Carefree, joy, freedom, rejoice
  • Balance, blessings, gratitude
  • Reflection
  • Aligned & authentic
  • Reciprocal

The reflection exercise was a lovely way to confirm my inner knowing & grow trust in the unfolding of my life journey & path.

So, whether you reflect with reverence or “on the fly”, I encourage you to find some key words or intentions to anchor you as you cross over into the New Year. 

Those intentions can help you ‘RESET’ as you face challenges or decisions in the New Year & beyond.

Traditional goal setting for the New Year can be empowering & also a set up for overwhelm & backsliding. 

Intentions allow for movement & softness which is best for flow & balance.  Small steps are more effective than overwhelming “to do” lists.

If you’re not sure “where to start”, you might ask yourself…

  • What wishes, dreams, intentions do I hold in my heart?
  • What needs to be released, restored, allowed, surrendered, or empowered?
  • What did I gain & learn last year?  How would I like to carry that forward into next year?
  • What is my wish for me regardless of others or outcomes?
  • In my mind’s eye, imagine what does “future” me look like next year.
  • Where do I want to invest my energy & connection?

I’ve talked with two friends just this week who really resonated with an intention to better “receive” next year. 

One word is enough; you don’t need a bulleted list😊

From my heart to yours, I’m sending you the warmest wishes & blessings for a meaningful 2023! 

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